Fatsac NautiCurl EVA Foam Fender 2.0 Wakeboard boat fender and bumper

FS Foam Boat Fender 2.0

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FS EVA Foam Boat Fender 2.0 (Boat Bumper)

Made from Black EVA closed cell foam which allows it to float. Fatsac Boat Fender is the the strongest and sturdiest Fender on the market and can be used on boats, pontoons, piers, docks, and dock pilings. The Fatsac Fender is ideal for wakesurf, wakeboat and wakeboarding boats and contours to the hull for a true fit preventing the fender from rotating and riding up on the boat or dock. With the internal cleat system and the included rope, it's an ease to attach the boat bumper in any scenario.

  • 21.5" x 8.5" 
  • Internal cleat to adjust rope length and conceal extra line
  • UV resistant, and has a unique surface finish that is textured.
  • The strongest and sturdiest Fender on the market
  • The FS Fenders versatility allows you to hang or strap in a multitude of ways.

Use of the FatSac Black Boat Fender is at your own risk. Barefoot Int’l makes no claims on the safety or protective qualities of the Fender. Barefoot Int’l is not responsible for any damages. Do not use at night. Do not use for long term storage. Remove after using. Not a toy. Strangulation hazard. Keep away from children. Not a certified PFD.

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