NautiCurl Bungee Boat Ropes - Shock Absorbing (2 Ropes)

NautiCurl Bungee Boat Ropes - Shock Absorbing (2 Ropes)

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NautiCurl Bungee Shock Absorbing Dock and Boat Lines (2 ropes)

The NautiCurl Shock Absorbing Rope protects boats and docks from the jerking and tugging from waves and impact allowing your boat to come to rest without damaging of the boat or dock.

Floats keep the rope afloat preventing tangling and propeller rides. Rope stretches from 4'-0" to 5'-8" and includes a loop at either end with adjustable rings to connect to dock cleats, boats, PWCs and wrap pipes. 

* Includes: (2) 4' Boat lines with floats and sliding adjustment rings

- Boat Capacity up to 4500 lbs

- Tensile Strength: 2300 lbs

- Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Zebra

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