Boat Juice - boat Cleaner & detail products

Introducing Boat Juice

Make cleaning your boat a pleasure with Boat Juice cleaning and detail products. Remove Water Spots, Polish, Shine, Clean Vinyl, Seat Protectant, Wax, Gloss, Foam Flooring Cleaner & More!

- Exterior Water Spot Remover/Cleaner

- Interior Vinyl/Foam/Carpet Cleaner

- Exterior High Gloss Wax & Protectant

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Just tried the flex for the first time. No more listing. No more reminding people to get in their assigned seat. Full rear tanks and piggy backs full so easy to change sides. Wrote more full reviews in and m/c team talk. Also added pics on both forums. Any q’s please ask. Best $ I’ve spent on the boat right next to beers.


I have a 07 Nautique SV 211. They are a crossover boat not known for a great wave. Tried a homemade one and a couple buddy’s “other brands”. The nauticul is the best. Better made, better suction to the boat, and on my boat a better wave. Removed the stock ballast, added weight and now surfs great with a crisp clean very rideable wave. Super happy with it!.

M&M Ranch

Got 12 of these for my dock and just bought more to install on my deck stairs, absolutely love the ambiance they created and they stay bright all night.

Tracy Cunningham

My boy struggled to get up on our doomswell, we love your shaper and took a chance on the kids board, it exceeded our expectations, he got up on his first try and can now throw the rope, great board and great company! I love supporting small businesses, love love love!!!

Anna Graham

I’m lucky enough to be testing out the Nautipad and our kids absolutely love it, so much fun and way easier to manage than our old foam lily pad!! Our lab climbs all over it and it’s tough as nails too

Chris W.

I have tried many types of wake surf shapers. This is hands down the easiest and most effective product on the market. I have used it on older 2000s boats and on some brand new boats. Well done guys!

Jeremy Gauvain


NautiPAD Inflatable Swim Mat - Make your summer Epic!

NautiPAD Inflatable Swim Mat - Make your summer Epic!

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Wakesurfing Balance Board

Wakesurfing Balance Board

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LED Solar Powered Dock Lights make a Statement!

LED Solar Powered Dock Lights make a Statement!

NautiCurl, a leader in wake shaping technology and provider of innovative boating products has simplified adding ambiance and safety to your dock, ...
Best Wake Shaper Surf Gate of 2021 - NautiCurl

Best Wake Shaper Surf Gate of 2021 - NautiCurl

It's all about the Wave in 2021. In side by side comparisons, NautiCurl's innovative Wake Shaper OG and FLEX (designed for boats with curvature and...
Sboji Sunstainable Eyewear - Floating Bamboo Sunglasses

Sboji Sunstainable Eyewear - Floating Bamboo Sunglasses

NautiCurl is pumped for the lineup of Sboji Bamboo Floating Sunglasses - Now available at SBOJI Facewear began in the summer of 2014 ...
2021 NautiCurl Apparel - Now in Stock!

2021 NautiCurl Apparel - Now in Stock!

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