How to choose the best wakesurf board

How to Select a Wakesurf Board

Selecting a Wakesurf Board can be a blast, but daunting task. We'll fill you in on the different construction types, board styles and fin setups to help you choose the right board for your skill level, wake size and riding style.


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Skim Style vs SUrf Style

What's the Difference?
Many are uncertain whether they'd prefer a Surf Style or Skim Style board. If you've ever ocean surfed, you'd be familiar with a Surf Style board. Surf Style wakesurf boards ride like a traditional ocean surf board and provide a similar ride allowing you to perform similar tricks. Skim boards on the other hand are similar to a beach skim board allowing you to spin with ease and perform skate style tricks. Hybrid boards combine the attributes of both providing the maneuverability of a Surf Style board with the freedom of a Skim Style board.

Surf Style:
Surf Style boards are the most popular and are typically faster due to their shape providing more push and control. Most Surf Style boards are designed with dual, triple or quad fin setups. The multiple fins allow the board to track and generate speed for big air. Advanced riders who like to slash, carve and catch big airs typically prefer this style. Although Surf Style boards aren't capable of all the tricks of a Skim Style board, 360's are possible with some practice. Surf Style is the preferred beginner style board due to the increased control and multiple fins that provide stability and can ease "catching the wave", the board also proves easier for getting up as it naturally tracks the nose towards the boat.

Skim Style:
Skim Style boards, are just that, skims. Skim Style boards allow you to perform skate inspired tricks and riders continue to push the envelope of their capabilities. Skims are typically shorter and wider with a smaller single fin which create a loose or slippery feel that allows the board to spin, pop, rotate and flip with ease. Skim Boards are recommended for intermediate or advanced riders who are comfortable riding a Surf Style board. If you're looking to showboat in front of your friends, the Skim Style board is for you!  


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Wakesurf Board Construction

Wakesurfing is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. With continued growth and interest in the sport, more companies are getting involved and construction is continually evolving. To clear the mud, we'll explain the 3 primary construction types.

Compression Molded Boards:
Compression molded boards are comparable to a typical wakeboard, they're durable, a bit slower in the water due to their weight, but will take abuse and conveniently fit in a standard wakeboard rack. Compression molded boards are a great starter board, they're a bit heavier, can ease the challenge of getting up for beginners and can take a few bashes against the boat and rough water. Although a great place to start, if you're interested in furthering your surf game, you'll quickly look to make the move to a Foam Based board for improved performance.

Foam Based (Epoxied Fiberglass) Boards:
Foam based boards are constructed like traditional ocean surf boards, they're light, floaty and have incredible performance. Foam based boards are more fragile than compression molded boards, but provide a high performance ride and are more responsive and speedy on the water. Foam Based boards are a must for an intermediate to advanced rider, the difference in the ride speaks volumes. 

Hybrid Construction:
Hybrid Constructed boards are newer to the market. Hybrid constructed boards are great boards for beginners and kids. They have a soft top that's more forgiving for novice riders and can also protect the rear of your precious boat from the common sling dings.

Of all board constructions, NautiCurl highly recommends a Foam Based board for any rider looking to commit to becoming an intermediate or advanced rider.  

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