Frequently Asked Questions - WakeSurfing

Why do I need a Wake Shaper?

Wake Shapers have many advantages. The NautiCurl Wake Shaper takes advantage of your entire boat's ballast allowing you to weight the boat evenly without listing to one side or the other. This allows ALL ballasts to be fully utilized displacing more water. Further, Wake Shapers allow you to switch from port to starboard (regular to goofy foot) surfing in seconds without adjusting ballast. Evenly distributed ballast also assists with better handling and consistency when driving the boat (much safer). The Wake Shaper does the work for you and shifts the water flow behind the boat creating a taller longer wave with more push. Check out our Video page to see some before and after footage.

How to weight my ballasts for WakeSurfing?

Nauticurl’s Wake Shaper is designed to transform the wake with the ballasts evenly weighted to provide maximum impact. The height and length can be fine-tuned by adjusting the balance of the ballasts front to back. More weight in the front creates a longer wave, more weight in the rear creates a taller wave.

Where do I place the WakeSurfing Wake Shaper?

The Nauticurl Surf Gate should be installed on the opposite side of the boat from the surfer. The Wake Shaper should be placed slightly below the waterline (fully submerged). You can play with the distance from the back of the boat to fine-tune the wave to your preferred length and height.

How does a Wake Shaper work?

The Nauticurl Wake Shaper lengthens the water flow on the opposite side of the boat forcing the water to converge further back, this draws water to the opposing side of the boat creating a long, tall wave with more push.

How does the WakeSurfing Wake Shaper attach?

The Nauticurl Surf Gate attaches with (2) 4.5" oversized, heavy duty suction cups. Attaching in seconds and detaching without a mark. The Wakesurfer can easily be attached from the swim deck or sun bed while submerged. A flat area of 5" x 13" free of raised decals is required.

Is the Wake Shaper compatible with all boats?

The Nauticurl Wake Maker is compatible with most boats, the attachment requires a smooth surface 5” X 13”. Raised decals can inhibit the power of the suction. Find a clean smooth location to attach the Wake Shaper. Visit our Video and photos page to see just a few of the compatible boats. The NautiCurl is not compatible with Mastercraft X2s.

How fast should I drive for WakeSurfing?

We recommend a speed between 10-13 MPH, play with the speed to see what best fits your boat and riding style. Detach the Nauticurl Wake Shaper when driving at speeds above 13 MPH.

How to Setup your boat for WakeSurfing?

Setup varies by boat and is dependent on hull shape, boat length, water depth, amount of ballast, location of ballast, speed, and wave shape preference. NautiCurl suggests playing with the location of the Wake Shaper (up/down, forward/backward), testing at different speeds and adjusting your ballasts (total weight, distance front/back).

Why should I choose NautiCurl, why are you different?

  • As semi-retired competitive wakeboarders turn wakesurfers, we understand the importance and nuances of wakes. This experience is portrayed in our product.
  • Unlike many of the products on the market, the NautiCurl Wake Shaper has been professionally engineered with FEA analysis to determine the ideal shape, curvature and degree of incidence to minimize outward pressure on the cups while displacing the most water assuring proper suction and a maximized wave. 
  • We incorporated the cups and levers into the design rather than bolting/screwing a glass lifting handle to a board as many products have done, this creates a streamline look, doesn't impact the water flow and allows easy access to the levers.
  • The NautiCurl Wake Shaper is manufactured in MN, USA from high-strength aluminum alloy with an incorporated bull nosed edge and an extra thick powder coat finish to protect both riders and your precious boat. 
  • Lastly, a sleek stylish design was a must! We wanted a product you'd be proud to carry down your dock to accessorize your boat. Let's admit it, you want to look good on the water (nice boat, nice board, nice day, nice Wake Shaper)

Does the Wake Shaper float?

YES! The Nauticurl Wake Gate floats with the help of a ultra buoyant, non-water absorbent foam block. Have an original Wake Shaper, simply purchase our Retro-Fit Floatie and simply peel and stick.

What is the Wake Shaper made from?

The Nauticurl Wake Gate is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum with a durable powder coat finish, anodized aluminum levers with Stainless Steel Springs and Stainless Steel Hardware.

Can I attach 2 Wake Shapers?

Yes, if your boat has room to stack or stagger 2 Wake Shapers, get ready for even more push. 

We've put our passion of the water into the design and functionality of our product. We believe in putting customers and quality first.

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