Sboji Sunstainable Eyewear - Floating Bamboo Sunglasses

NautiCurl is pumped for the lineup of Sboji Bamboo Floating Sunglasses - Now available at

SBOJI Facewear began in the summer of 2014 when two water sport aficionados saw the need for a truly water and eco-friendly pair of sunglasses. Being sustainable was just as important to their design as being functional, and fashionable. The two set forth to create the evolution of what they coined The Feacewear Reovolution. A group of sustainable fashion and accessory lines that complements the lifestyle of the wildly adventurous and those who are down for it.

Check out the lineup!

The Hook Series

Seize the spirit of adventure with THE HOOK collection. These water loving shades are a hell of a catch! We worked REEL hard to bring the newest in wood and floating sunglasses technology. These high performance polarized sunglasses feature a wrap around fit and are considered our true fishing sunnys. Our HD polarized lenses are the absolute best polarized lenses you can have for being on the water. With a diffraction rate higher than 98%, you get a much more clear view above water and a true vision of beneath. A great looking frame with function beyond the horizon. You’re gonna look kick ass while kicking ass out there with this matte black frame that shows real wood undertones, contrasted by blue mirror polarized lenses for a stoke of style that's not only acknowledged, its encouraged.

The Miller Series

These incredibly good looking sunglasses are perfect for days on the water. A frame geared towards the women, but we have to be honest. It looks good on them boys too. All wood floating sunglasses beautifully handcrafted for days on the water. Sustainable and HD Polarized

The Helm Series

These incredibly good looking sunglasses are perfect for days on the water. Made sustainably so you don't pollute, you just party

East Lake Series

Intersecting at Functionality Street & Style Boulevard, these East Lake Series frames give you the black on black classic wayfarer look with the always sustainable floating bamboo wood frame. Made famous by the Beatles, these Wayfarers have the look with that sustainable twist.

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