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Floating Bamboo Sunglasses - The Helm Series

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SBOJI The Helm Series - Bamboo Wood Grain Floating Sunglasses

These incredibly good looking sunglasses are perfect for days on the water. Made sustainably so you don't pollute, you just party


  • ECO Friendly: Sustainable Materials (Bamboo and recycled metals)
  • Floating Wood Frames - Bamboo Construction
  • HD Polarized & 100% UV protection and 99% diffraction rate on water
  • The All-Glass look with multiple color variations
  • Sboji Logo


  • Bamboo Floating Sunglasses
  • Floating Bamboo Wood Hard Case
  • Jute Rude Organic Soft Case
  • Free Shipping

Floating frames make for the most water and eco friendly shades ever made. Our lenses are always Polarized and these HD polarized lenses are perfect for clarity, 99% diffraction rate on the water, and 100% UV protection. Recycled metal logos, steel pins, and molded hinges, Just a bit of grain showing through the bamboo wood frame. 

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