Introducing NautiBumpers - Inflatable Party Bumpers

The NautiCurl NautiBumper is designed for that extra protection on the lake! Tie up with peace of mind and protect your boat with our inflatable bumper to prevent your boats from banging and crashing! The NautiBumper is 28" long with a 15" diameter and includes (1) 5' rope extensions for easy tie off.

Air inlet - Works with standard air pumps and blowers

Air Release Plug - Simply turn to release air and deflate

The NautiBumper, Boat Fender works great on wakeboard boats, pontoons, fishing boats, sailboats, wakeboats and more.

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  • Good morning, I ordered 2 of the grey fatsac nautibumpers on line. When I received the package, it only had one plug for 2 bags. Is it possible to get a second one please and thank you!

    Chris Welch

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