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WakeSurfing - BLEMISHED Wake Shaper Floating Surf Gate

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Make your Wake a WAVE! Shape your wake LONGER and TALLER!

BLEMISHED - Same Performance, not quite as Purty! Unit will have some cosmetic blemishes that did not pass our strict quality measures. Blemishes do not impact performance. 

Limited Quantity Available 

  • Professionally Engineered and Tested to Maximize your Wake
  • FLOATS! High-Buoyancy 0% water absorbent Foam
  • Sleek Stylish Streamline Design
  • Wake Shaper Attaches and Reverses in SECONDS
  • Heavy Duty Dual Suction Cup Attachment
  • Sturdy Aircraft Aluminum Alloy with Durable/Protective Powder Coat Finish
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Levers and Stainless Steel Springs
  • Proudly Made in MN, USA 🇺🇸
  • No Warranty on blemish units
  • Now Shipping to Canada & Australia
  • FREE US Shipping

A sleek stylish design was a must! We wanted a product you'd be proud to carry down your dock to accessorize your boat. Let's admit it, you want to look good on the water (nice boat, nice board, nice day, nice Wake Shaper)! Visit "Our Story" page to see why we're different or see our FAQs page to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Devin Maxfield

Call me crazy but I run this on a 2005 bay liner 249 sd. Just a normal ski boat right?! Everyone understandably knows the danger of the prop being right behind the boat but I put the flex on last year and no joke the wave stands almost 4 feet tall 20 plus feet away from the back of the boat putting everyone’s mind at ease of being away from the prop. Now I’m not recommending that people do this behind an inboard outboard but when you boat on a budget like a lot of people do and still want the excitement you can’t go wrong with this product at all! Oh and just to add a quick P.S. a good friend of mine runs a brand new Supra with all the bells and whistles for surfing and is jealous of my wave!!!

The Real Deal

Came from a Mission Shaper on my 2011 A22 Axis to Nauticurl's Wake Shaper and instantly saw a massive difference. Takes less than 20 seconds to attach and with hardly any added weight on the boat the wave is big and has plenty of push. Loading it down with ballast, and multiple passengers it truly is comparable to these brand new Axis surf waves that have built in thousand dollar surf-gates. Got the "blemished" shaper because the cost was a little better and you couldn't convince me there are even any blemishes. Looks brand new. Had it for a month now and zero issues with suction cups, floats, or performance. Nothing but support and praise from myself and our lake crew!

Huge wake

I purchased a nauticurl wake gate about 3 years ago for my 2002 tige 21i and it has worked flawlessly. The whole family loves the massive wake it produces. The cost of this device is very reasonable compared to other products on the market and I love that it is made in the USA. Works as advertised!