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• 3/4" Quick Connect
• Suction Stop Quick Connect Sac Valve Threads

Used to connect 3/4" straight and elbow Flow-Rite Quick Release Connectors to Fly High Ballast Bags for a secure yet removable connection.

The Fly High W736 3/4" Flow-Rite Quick Release Connect is the male half of the Flow-Rite system that makes a secure, water-tight, yet quickly removable connection with Fly High's 3/4" Straight and Elbow Flow-Rite Quick Release Connectors (see recommended accessories). This is the same type of connector used in factory ballast system supplied in many wakeboard boats.

Fly High ballast fittings have been designed with you in mind. All of the fittings make connecting pumps and hoses to your Fly High Pro X Series Ballast Sacs a quick and simple task. No more struggling with old waterbed valves and water spilling inside the boat. Simply twist, pull, replace and you're ready to go! Fly High offers several different fittings that all work together to adapt to any of your needs.

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