Wakesurf Balance Boards - Practice in the offseason!

The LakeSurf Balance Board was designed with Wakesurfing and Skateboarding in mind to provide the most realistic experience. Unlike a traditional balance board with a separate roller, the Wakesurf Balance Board integrates the wobble board aspect directly into the board allowing for shove-its, 180's, 360's, 540's, ollies, switch jumps, pumping, knee-downs, hanging five, one-footers, and overall balance. 

Looking to work on that new "move", don't burn up gas, get your reps in on the Wakesurfing Balance Board and get behind the boat with confidence. Nothing else on the market gives you the real feel that the Wakesurf Balance Board does.


The Best Balance Board for wakesurfing or skateboarding, the padded and durable EVA foam surface is comfortable for bare feet and tough enough to stand up to wear from sneakers.

Tip: Start on the carpet or grass for a more mellow and forgiving experience and transition to a harder surface for a more challenging ride.

Bonus: A great workout for you legs, core and mind. Think YOGA!

Creativity while Balancing: Play your video games, watch TV, work-at-home, do homework, talk on the phone, do yoga, drink a cold one, have a balance-off competition, put together a set, balance at the beach, on your pontoon, wakeboat, paddleboard or dock. Post and tag @nauticurlwave in your creative ideas for a chance at free NautiCurl Swag!


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