Wake Shapers - Advantages

Wake Shapers have many advantages. The NautiCurl Wake Shaper takes advantage of your entire boat's ballast allowing you to weight the boat evenly without listing to one side or the other. This allows ALL ballasts to be fully utilized displacing more water. Further, Wake Shapers allow you to switch from port to starboard (regular to goofy foot) surfing in seconds without adjusting ballast. Evenly distributed ballast also assists with better handling and consistency when driving the boat (much safer). The Wake Shaper does the work for you and shifts the water flow behind the boat creating a taller longer wave with more push. Check out our Video page to see some before and after footage.

Check out our all new FLEX - Designed for those difficult hulls with narrow chines and curvature. Perfrect for the Mastercraft X-series boats including the X2.


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