NautiCurl Partners with Boat Juice Cleaning and Detailing Products!

NautiCurl is pumped to announce Boat Juice's line of cleaning and detail products is now available at With a focus on quality products, customer service and growing the watersports industry. NautiCurl and Boat Juice are looking to make waves!
Boat Juice Brings you THREE innovative and distinct  products to keep your boat clean and crisp. BOAT JUICE EXTERIOR removes water spots, cleans and seals, BOAT JUICE INTERIOR cleans vinyl, foam flooring, carpet and seats with UV protection, BOAT JUICE WAX provides an extra level of protection, gloss and shine. With SiO2 Ceramic Science, Boat Juice breaks down minerals, dirt, grime and provides protection without that greasy feel. Even more impressive, Boat Juice SMELLS GREAT! With the scents of Pina Colada and Orange Creamsicle, you won't dread wiping down the boat after a day on the lake!

Boat Juice's all-in-one Exterior Boat Cleaner Does it All!

  • Exterior Boat Cleaner
  • SiO2 Ceramic Boat Sealant
  • Boat Water Spot Remover
  • Gloss Enhancer
  • The Joy of Piña Colada Scent
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Easy application (32 oz Spray Bottle)

An exterior cleaner with SiO2 ceramic sealant, removes tough water spots, enhances gloss and protects your pride and joy. Make joy out of your boat cleaning with the pleasant scent and easy application!

Boat Juice Exterior marine detail spray removes the toughest water spots all while smelling like Piña Colada! The proprietary blend of Ceramic SiO2 Sealant and spot remover will leave your boat spotless and glossy smooth. This 32oz bottle sprayer is a perfect fit for a boat compartment or cup holder. 

Boat Juice Interior Cleans AND Protects Vinyl, Carpet, Plastic & Upholstery

  • Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Foam Flooring Cleaner (Seadeck)
  • Plastic Cleaner
  • Penetrates to Remove Stains: Sunscreen, Food Spills & Dirt.
  • The Joy of Orange Creamsicle Scent
  • UV Protection
  • Easy application (32 oz Spray Bottle)

Protect your boat from the sun and daily wear with Boat Juice Interior. A ceramic protectant provide long-lasting protection from harmful UV rays and common wear and tear. Great on Boat Seats! Safe to use on vinyl, carpet, plastic, foam, upholstery, seadeck, fiberglass, metal and glass. Smells great (Orange Creamsicle) and too easy to apply and clean. Effective and Efficient to put the Joy in your boat cleaning experience!

Boat Juice - Extreme Gloss Liquid Wax - For Extra Protection, Shine and Slickness!

  • Extreme Gloss (SiO2 Ceramic)
  • Slickness (Excellent Hydrophobic Properties)
  • Water Spot Deterrent
  • Oxidation and Fading Protectant
  • Superior UV Protection
  • Polymer Sealant
  • Easy application (32 oz Spray Bottle)

Add that extra level of gloss, shine and slickness with Boat Juice Liquid Wax. Use together with Boat Juice Exterior for superior shine, gloss and protection. Use Boat Juice Liquid Wax between Boat Juice Exterior applications.

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