Inflatable Swim Pads and Mats - New 2022 Lineup!

Introducing the All New 2022 Lineup of NautiPad Inflatable Mat Floating Pads from NautiCurl. 3 new pads for 2022!

Introducing HeliPAD - A whopping 13' diameter inflatable pad almost large enough for a helicopter landing. Designed for endless fun including a design for the school yard game, 4-Square. Limited Availability, order now to secure yours!

Changing it up, is the NautiPad Lagoon. 14' in length with a center cut out for lounging, play and endless options. 

For smaller play, NautiCurl is introducing the NautiPad Tumbler, influenced from gymnastics, the tumbler provides a big bang in a smaller box at half the size of the original NautiPad.

HeliPad, Lagoon and Tumbler all have limited availability, order now to secure your for Spring delivery!

Play. Relax. Enjoy.

NautiPad HeliPad Inflatable Swim Mat Floating Dock PadNautiPad Lagoon Inflatable Swim Mat Floating Dock PadNautiPad TumblerInflatable Swim Mat Floating Dock Pad



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