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NautiCurl – Quite Possibly the Greatest Wake Shapers Produced…

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Yes I know that is a pretty bold statement but after years using a Ronix shaper and trying other brands as well… and now using the NautiCurl shapers for a few weeks I believe I can safely say there is no better shaper out on the market. If there is one let me know and I will give it a try. But for now the NautiCurl has no equal and our wakesurfing testing crew agree 100%

Surf setup: Boat – Malibu Wakesetter / Power Wedge / Factory Hard Tank Ballasts (Bow Tank 350 lbs, Center Tank 500 lbs, Two Rear Tanks 200 lbs each / Two Rear Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sacs 750 lbs each), Speed between 10.8 mph and 12.2 mph. The units we tested were the NautiCurl Wakesurfing – Wake Shaper Surf Gate ($239.00) and the second unit was the Wakesurfing – FLEX Wake Shaper Surf Gate ($259.00). We spent two full weekends testing the NautiCurl shapers with numerous boat and ballast setups at differing speeds and power wedge height changes. With all those parameters (especially ballast changes) we finally dialed in the wake and I can tell you it was truly amazing.

Backing up a little… our group decided to try both of the NautiCurl shaper units rather than writting a review on just one. In the picture above the Wakesurfing – Wake Shaper Surf Gate is the one with the two suction cups and the FLEX Wake Shaper is the three suction cup units. We tested each of the units alone and they both produced easily comparable wakes to any other shaper produced that we have used and tested. If you stop there anyone would be happy with the results.

Where NautiCurl excels and produced an amazing wake/wave was when we used both shapers at the same time. All I can say is WOW. We placed the FLEX shaper at the very bottom on the boat almost at the very back of the boat / stern. The second unit was placed above the first unit and pushed futher forward. This setup was a game changer and where my statement of quite possibly the greatest wake shapers produced came from. In addition the NautiCurl shapers are designed with integrated curvature to allow them to nest together for double stacking.

When you use a double shaper setup you don’t have to pick between a tall wake and a long wake. With the second shaper and staggering them forward and back you can dial in a tall and long wake as you can see in the image above.

Review and article by:

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