$100 OFF NautiPad Inflatable Swim Mats

Ditch that lilypad and get on a NautiPAD!

Easy, Fun, Relaxing

Sale starts Thanksgiving Day!


The NautiPAD is the perfect accessory for your day... on the water, at the beach or off the dock. With it’s super sturdy design and rigid yet flexible core, options are endless for play and relaxation. The NautiPAD inflatable mat is 4” thick and includes 4 padded carrying handles and 4 stainless steel D-rings to assure your mat stays put. The Included 120V electric pump fills the mat in seconds and the integrated sure-close valve keeps the swim mat firm and air tight. 

Anchor your mat off the dock for the perfect swim platform, tie the pad off your boat and extend your swim platform or find your own creative way to make NautiPAD your own.


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