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SurfSkate - TURNMERIC 830 Surf SkateBoard

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Surfskate skateboards are designed specifically for street surfing. With the SpicePilot front truck specially designed to emulate surfing, the board allows surfers to recreate the feel of true surfing on the street. Pump, Carve, Perform Aerials and Bust Spins to improve your surf or wakesurf skills with the SurfSkate Board.

Retro designs, quality construction, and the surf feel on the street set SurfSkate apart from all others. Get the REAL feel of surfing with SurfSkate.

    • Ultra-Smooth Progressive Carving
    • Superb Turning Speed, Re-entries and Aerials 
    • Swift Pumping with minimal effort
    • Length: 32.5"
    • Width: 10"
    • Wheelbase: 17"
    • Deck: Premium Bamboo Wood with high strength Fiber Glass
    • Adapter: SpicePilot Type X Version with Swappable Torsion Springs (MASTER / CRUISE)
    • Truck:  SpiceSkate 160mm hanger trucks
    • SHR92AA Bushings
    • Wheels: 70*51mm,78A
    • Bearings: Bearings ABEC-9 with Spacers
    • Rubber Riser Pad: 25mm


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