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Black Wood Sunglasses - Bamboo Wood Grain Frame Polarized UV Lenses Wayfarer SBOJI NautiCurl Shades Eyewear

Floating Bamboo Sunglasses - East Lake Series

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SBOJI East Lake - Black Bamboo Wood Grain Floating Sunglasses

Intersecting at Functionality Street & Style Boulevard, these East Lake Series frames give you the black on black classic wayfarer look with the always sustainable floating bamboo wood frame. Made famous by the Beatles, these Wayfarers have the look with that sustainable twist.


  • ECO Friendly: Sustainable Materials (Bamboo and recycled metals)
  • Floating Wood Frames - Black Bamboo Construction
  • HD Polarized & 100% UV protection and 99% diffraction rate on water
  • Ultra Clear and Gradient Lenses for optimal sight in any condition
  • Black Classic Wayfarer with 3 options for lens color
  • Silver Logo


  • Black Bamboo Floating Sunglasses
  • Floating Bamboo Wood Hard Case
  • Jute Rude Organic Soft Case
  • Free Shipping

Ultra clear and tinted gradient black lenses give you the longest range of day of any lens ever made. Giving you pristine visibility in the early morning, LA smog, SF Karl, or any peak summer day. Floating frames make for the most water and eco friendly shades ever made. Our lenses are always Polarized and these HD polarized lenses are perfect for clarity, 99% diffraction rate on the water, and 100% UV protection. Recycled metal logos, steel pins, and molded hinges, Just a bit of grain showing through the all black bamboo wood frame. 

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