We're often asked what makes our Wake Shaper Different

Why we're different:

As semi-retired competitive wakeboarders turn wakesurfers, we understand the importance and nuances of wakes. This experience is portrayed in our product.

  • Unlike many of the products on the market, the NautiCurl Wake Shaper has been professionally engineered with FEA analysis to determine the ideal shape, curvature and degree of incidence to minimize outward pressure on the cups while displacing the most water assuring proper suction and a maximized wave.
  • We incorporated the cups and levers into the design rather than bolting/screwing a glass lifting handle to a board as many products have done, this creates a streamline look, doesn't impact the water flow and alloys easy access to the levers.
  • The NautiCurl Wake Shaper is manufactured in MN, USA from high-strength aluminum alloy with an incorporated bull nosed edge and an extra thick powder coat finish to protect both riders and your precious boat.
  • Lastly, a sleek stylish design was a must! We wanted a product you'd be proud to carry down your dock to accessorize your boat. Let's admit it, you want to look good on the water (nice boat, nice board, nice day, nice Wake Shaper)

We've put our passion of the water into the design and functionality of our product. We believe in putting customers and quality first.

NautiCurl - For the love of the water!

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