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  • I was hoping you could send me the dimensions of the actual deflector on this product. I don’t see them anywhere on the description. Trying to compare apples to apples with other products available. Yours seems to have the best reviews, but some of the 2018 models available have much larger deflectors. Not sure if there is a breaking point with deflection of water that will make it work against you.
    I am looking at putting it on a 23’ MB B52 with 4,400# of available ballast to fill.

    Hoping to get some insight why yours would be better than one with a bigger (seems) deflector. Really leaning towards yours, there is just an overwhelming amount of designs on the internet now.
    Being honest, I am comparing yours to the Ronix eight.3 blade wake shaper. Hope you could share a bit on the comparison, and why yours is better, so I can make the best choice.

    Thank you,

    Mark Rusz

    Mark Rusz

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